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kW Engineering and 3Flow are ready to support your energy saving journey with the Smart Labs Incentive Program.

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Energy Efficiency Experts

kW Engineering

Founded in 1998, kW Engineering helps clients reduce energy use and operate more sustainable and resilient commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities.

kW Engineering has performed thousands of energy projects, including many at laboratory facilities. Our clients include Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and a diverse range of biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

As implementers of the Smart Labs Incentive program, kW Engineering offers free technical assistance and incentives to eligible lab facilities in PG&E territory.

Lab Ventilation Specialists


Originally called Exposure Control Technologies (ECT), 3Flow was founded in 1994. 3Flow is the world leader in the systemic analysis, testing and implementation of optimal airflow systems for critical workspaces and mixed-use facilities.

3Flow has tested more than 10,000 critical airflow systems, improved safety in world-class facilities, and saved its customers millions of dollars in reduced energy usage. These customers include Los Alamos Laboratories, NC State, Stanford University, the US Drug Enforcement Agency, and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

As partners in the Smart Labs Incentive Program, 3Flow provides the expert lab ventilation assessments that are the core of the Smart Labs approach.

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