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sustainability and safety

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Facility Benefits

Improved Sustainability

Reduce your lab building's carbon footprint with energy efficiency

Lower Energy Costs

Optimized ventilation and improved controls lowers energy use

Safe Ventilation

Ventilation experts verify safe airflow adjustments

What is the Smart Labs Incentive Program?

It's a publicly funded program for implementing energy saving projects in eligible laboratories located in PG&E territory.

The program provides free technical services and financial incentives.

Technical support from energy experts kW Engineering and lab ventilation specialists 3Flow help you achieve a sustainable and safe lab building.

Incentives are available for resulting energy savings.

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Program Benefits

Risk Mitigation

Custom airflow recommendations for ventilation, fume hoods and controls

Technical Assistance

Expert support through all project phases for optimal energy efficiency and ventilation


Offset project costs with savings incentives of $0.10/kWh and $0.50/therm

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Why Smart Labs?

By optimizing ventilation rates, labs can achieve significant energy savings, which lowers carbon footprints.

Ventilation rates typically dictate the majority of energy use for labs.

They are often set high based on the worst-case scenarios, and there is perceived (or actual) risk in adjusting them.

By providing expert ventilation assessments and technical support, the Smart Labs Incentive Program helps lab owners and operators plan and cost-effectively achieve safe, efficient and sustainable labs.

The Smart Labs Process


A scoping study identifies high potential energy saving opportunities in your lab facility.


An in-depth performance audit and ventilation assessment estabishes lab airflow requirements.


The program provides bid support and commissioning services to help ensure a successful project.


A Ventilation Management Plan safeguards healthy ventilation operation following implementation and beyond.

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